The Wedding Package chosen by the couple should reflect their ideas and aspirations for Day. The time dedicated to the Photography will be reflected in the results.   As the years pass, the Photographs will be the record of all that happened on the day, to be shown to children and grandchildren.




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 Wedding Day Photographs are essential if you want a permanent record of your Wedding Day. Your Photographs are a lasting record of one of the most important days of your life.  

Photographers work in different styles and it is important that you choose a Photographer that will give you the Photographs that you want. Some Photographers will not shoot any Photograph that is not on the Set List, so if you may need any extra Photos, ask your Photographer if she/he will do this.

If you have any specific request regarding the Photographs taken on the Wedding Day, always tell the Photographer. Don't wait until after the Day is over and it is too late. Photos of friends, workmates, Godchildren, Godparents, and extended family are great to have in addition to the usual Wedding Photographs.